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The Napa Valley Networker’s Leadership team is responsible for giving our fellow Members the big picture and providing the system, as well as access to the training necessary for the Leadership Team to the meetings. Our job is to motivate and inspire the membership to become more effective networkers and to provide ongoing support.

Learn about our Chapter’s roles & RESPONSIBILITIES

Alonso Hernandez

Doug Skelton


As President, my principal responsibilities are: to provide leadership and drive for the chapter in line with the vision and goals of the chapter. I set the tone of the meeting, must be organized, engaging, and inclusive. I ensure that the leadership team members carry out their roles efficiently, in a fair and transparent manner, and make sure leadership team meetings are affective with effective communication.

Hilda Hensley

Alonso Hernandez

Vice President

As Vice President, I have two principal responsibilities:  I track the performance of the Napa Valley Networkers Chapter in terms of the business that is passed between our Members. In addition, I chair the Membership Committee, with all tasks relating to membership.


Chal Danials

Secretary Treasurer

I am responsible for administering the membership participation fees of the Members and managing the finances of the Chapter.

Membership Committee

As members of the membership committee our role is to:

  • Process new Membership Applications and Membership Renewal Applications, including following up on all references.
  • Deal with any conflicts of interest that may arise within the Chapter.
  • Administer the policies and procedures of BNI® within the Chapter.
Jonathan Briano

Lynda Vogt

Membership Committee

Jonathan Briano

Jonathan Briano

Membership Committee

Visitor Hosts

The roles of the visitor hosts are to be at the venue for set up and attend to the sign in table which is ready to welcome visitors as they arrive followed by introducing them to the chapter members. Post Visitor Hosts meet with all visitors after the conclusion of each meeting to give an overview of membership and answer any questions.

Cristal Villasenor

Monica Granados-Lopez

Visitor Host

DJ Lipton

Nancy Garland

Visitor Host


Laura Sanchez

Education Coordinator

As the education coordinator, each week I educate the group on new topics that will enhance the networking skills of the fellow members.

Cliff Keilhorn

Cristal Villasenor

Event Coordinator

As the events coordinator of the group it is my responsibility to let the group know of any upcoming BNI training events and any Napa Valley Networkers social events.

Why businesses Join the Napa Valley Networkers?

Grow your Business
Being a member of Napa Valley Networkers is like having 25+ sales people working for you every day who refer your products or services.
Enhance Personal and Professional Development
Our members have access to extensive business resources and training throughout their membership.
Value Added Asset to Existing Clients
Our extended network of contacts are ready to help your clients.

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