Member Since: 9/2009
Company: Good Riddance Hauling
Profession: Entrepreneur
Power Group: Property Services
Contact Number: 707-935-0530


  • Junk removal expert
  • Estate Clean out implementation and organization
  • Logistics
Leslie made Sonoma her home in1985 where she has raised her 4 children. After acquiring her Masters Degree she proceeded into a successful real estate career. Once the recession was in full swing Leslie was devastated watching the housing crisis destroy peoples livelihoods and witnessing friends and family losing their homes and being overwhelmed with what to do with the belongings they needed to leave behind. Leslie quickly identified a need for a professional and supportive clean out service that could help those needing to leave their homes and remove their furnishings. At the time there were very few local professional companies offering estate clean out services in our community, and we found that this was exactly the services that many were needing, so Good Riddance Hauling was founded. Suits and high heels were quickly replaced with steel toed boots, leather gloves and Levis.

It can be an emotional experience to finally let go of clutter that we have accumulated over time, it can complicate and create a burden in our lives. We understand how letting go can leave a heavy heart, but we also know how freeing it can be to finally release all that clutter from our lives.

Our experienced, efficient and friendly crews understand the dynamics of accumulated stuff, and are trained and ready to help you move through the entire process as expeditiously as possible.

People need junk removal services for a variety of reasons. Many are moving, selling, relocating, down sizing, remodeling, general maintenance projects, parents and loved ones passing, cleaning up and clearing clutter, and creating defensible fire safe space etc.. What ever your clean up needs are, Good Riddance Hauling is here to help.

We offer licensed and insured full service junk removal. We handle very small jobs; picking up one to 2 items, to clearing out an entire estate and surrounding property.

Our suite of services also offer light demo, yard and garden clean up services. We do all the labor, sorting, transportation and donating.

We do it all, so you don’t have to. We also offer a trailer dumpster drop off service which is designed for our DIY client. A great option for those needing a little more time to decide on and sort through their misc. debris.


  1. How long have you been a BNI member?  Member since September 2019
  2. What has BNI done for you?  Connected me to other like minded business professionals interested in networking to grow their business for themselves and others
  3. Why did you join BNI? To connect to a community of business professionals and to help, support and network with others to increase my sales and sphere of influence.
  4. What does your company do? Full service junk removal service providing a variety of de-cluttering and debris removal services.
  5. What is your job title? Co-Founder
  6. What does your role entail, in a nutshell? Leading and managing my company through all phases of growth
  7. Why did you decide to take that direction?  We are interested in growing and expanding our company
  8. How do you help your community? We donate our services to local charities and sponsor various fund raising events. We also do quite a bit of charitable giving through Rotary.
  9. What are your hobbies or activities of interest? Any creative endeavor. Working with my hands, painting, refinishing furniture, sewing and working in the garden. Spinning, reading and enjoying our 2 dogs.
  10. What is your key to success?  Persistence and staying focused on the company goals. Nurturing and fostering relationships.