Member Since: November 2016

Company: Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc.

Profession: Business Attorney

Power Group: Financial/Legal

Contact Number: 707-681-5851



  • Business Structure & Formation (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, LLC)
  • Legal Compliance with State and Federal Laws
  • Draft and Review of Contracts, Business Purchase, Business Sale, Business Succession Plan

Trevor J. Rose was born and raised in Napa, California, where his family first arrived over 100 years ago. He has been practicing law in California since 2011 and plans to continue his family’s long-running presence in the Napa Valley, a place that he is proud to call home, and where he can provide seamless, continuous legal counsel to present and future generations.

Trevor specializes in business and corporate law.  Whether your business is brand-new or has been operating for years, Trevor consistently provides you with legal support in order to limit your potential exposure to liabilities by analyzing your unique situation and providing valuable insights, practical solutions and farsighted counsel to minimize your financial risk and improve your bottom line.

To help you improve your organization’s performance and efficiency, Trevor works with you to create customized solutions and provide you with strategies and techniques to achieve more success and to think smarter about your business. His role as your business adviser is to help your company take advantage of opportunities, protect and increase profits, define roles, manage risk and reduce liability.

If you are thinking of retiring or just want to prepare for the future, Trevor can also help you arrange the sale of your business or a business succession plan so that your company thrives for years to come under the leadership of a new owner, your spouse, your children, a trusted employee, or any other successor you choose.


  1. How long have you been a BNI member?  Since November 2016
  2. What has BNI done for you? Has allowed me to improve my ability to discuss the value of my services to friends and prospective clients.
  3. Why did you join BNI?  I wanted to amplify my business network and improve my visibility within the community.
  4. What does your company do? Legal services.
  5. What is your job title?  Owner/Attorney-At-Law
  6. What does your role entail, in a nutshell? Wearing two hats: Managing the law business (50%) and providing legal services (50%)
  7. Why did you decide to take that direction? I like being my own boss!
  8. How do you help your community?  I provide a valuable service to the community and local businesses.  By helping to reduce liability and maximize profits of our local businesses, we can hopefully enrich everyone in the community. I also dedicate significant amounts of time to local non-profit organizations and to community resources.
  9. What are your hobbies or activities of interest? I still play competitive baseball on Sundays and I am part of a local business golf league. I am always interested in learning new languages, history and culture (I am fluent in Spanish and Italian and I have traveled to 28 countries in my life.).
  10. What is your key to success?  Excellent customer service and working harder than everyone else.